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DSP – What the Pros Use

Lizard Skins launched its popular DSP grip into the Baseball Industry and was awarded “Best of Show” Award for new product at the American Baseball Coaches Association. DSP bat wrap is being used and endorsed by John Buck, professional baseball player. Designed to fit on any wood, aluminum or composite bat, players from all levels benefit from using Lizard Skins DSP bat wrap.

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Lizard Skins Bat Wrap

Experience the best in bat wrap: DSP has excellent durability, increased shock absorption, and great feel in all conditions. Available in 0.5 mm, 1.1 mm or 1.8 mm thicknesses to suit your personal preference. Each roll of bat wrap is 39 inches in length with pre-cut ends and is designed to fit any bat (wood, aluminum or composite). The tape has a full adhesive backing and includes DSP finishing tape. DSP reduces sting and vibration while optimizing feel & control. The bat wraps are slip resistant and available in a variety of colors. This amazing technology is only available from Lizard Skins.

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Lizard Skins on the cover of Sports Illustrated! If you look closely at Prince Fielder’s bat you will see the texture of our blue DSP Bat Wrap.